Makri and Livisi, now known as Fethiye and Kayaköy respectively, are located on the southwestern coast of Turkey – on the east of Rhodes. Makri, a coastal town with a harbor, is just 36 nautical miles from Rhodes, 151 km from Marmaris and 295 km from Antalya. The old Makri was destroyed by the earthquakes of April 24 and 25, 1957 and on its ruins raises the modern city that constantly expands and modernizes. Livisi, 8 km south of the Makri Bay in the southern part of a large valley, is built like an amphitheatre on rocky hills, at the foot of a ridge of Karadağ, a part of the mountain Babadağ, as evidenced by the Turkish name Kayaköy that means rocky village. A settlement largely abandoned today with its stone houses standing still, a ghost village (hayalet köy), as is also known to the locals, remains as a symbol of the Exchange.

Εταιρεία Ιστορικών ερευνών "Λυκία"