Under the category “Library Material” you can find documents having been created, printed and published in multiple copies. .Despite this material has no archival character, it is precious due to it’s rareness.

You can find here old digitized books for Makri, Livissi and Lycia , magazines ,newspapers from past associations and communities of Makrolivisians which were published during the second half of 20th century.The available newspaper pages stand in separate pages while for your convenience, you can consult Article List of Makrolivissian Press created by Vassilis Mousseos.

The newspapers have been scanned in searchable OCR pdf form, so each file can be searched pressing CTRL+F and selecting the key word of interest.

Makrolivisian Newspapers

History and Culture Books for Makri and Livisi

19th century Travelers books for LYCIA

LYCIA Digitized Editions

Εταιρεία Ιστορικών ερευνών "Λυκία"