Both Makris and Livissi have been built on the ruins of important settlements of ancient Lycia, Macri on the site of ancient Telmessus, and Livissi at the site of ancient Karmylissos.

Lycia, which is inhabited since the 3rd millennium BC. is one of the regions of Asia Minor that has developed a special culture with its main features of the Lycian dialect and the particular burial architecture.

Other well-known cities of Lycia are Myra -where stands also the famous church of St. Nicholas- Limyra, Patara, Oinoanda, Tlos, Xanthos.
According to Strabo, the bay of Makri was called Bay of Glafkos by the king of the ancient city of Telmessus. Carved rock tombs, which are characteristic of the entire region of Lycia, are also found in the area of Makris, along with the most impressive of the tomb of Amynda, which dominates the city and its harbor. Other remnants of its rich history are the well preserved sarcophagi, as well as the ruins of the ancient theater of Telmessus, and from its more recent history the castle of the Ioannite Knights of Rhodes.

Lycian antiquities are found

  • All around the Lycia region
  • In Fethiye Archaeological Museum
  • In British Museum

Εταιρεία Ιστορικών ερευνών "Λυκία"